Understand and improve server.cfg

10 May 2009

Hi !

Now that your server is running well, maybe that you want to add some fun or customize some parameters to make the game a bit harder ! We’ll see together some explained command to add to you server.cfg config file, or put in console in game during a party :

Note that 0 = disable and 1 = enable

// Define hostname
hostname “Pou007a Dedicated Server”
// Define password to acces to the server ( leave “\” to disable the password)
sv_password “\”
//Define if the server is local (1) or online (0)
sv_lan 0

// Rcon settings
//Define admin password for remote control and rcon
rcon_password “YOUR_PASSWORD”
// Number of tries before ban ( where X = number )
sv_rcon_maxfailures X
// Ban duration in minute ( X = number )
sv_rcon_banpenalty X

// Disable/Enable friendly fire (0/1)
mp_friendlyfire 1
// Disable/Enable cheats (0/1)
sv_cheats 0
// Force game to check if both of the main files (client & server) are the same
sv_consistency 1
// Time between each decal ( in seconds )
decalfrequency 10

// Allow file upload from server to clients (Useful for custom maps, sounds … )
sv_allowupload 1
// Allow download to servers (for decals)
sv_allowdownload 1
// Max file size to download (in MB)
net_maxfilesize 60
// Mirror download URL
sv_downloadurl “http://www.YOUR_MIRROR.com/l4d/\”

// Bandwitch limits
sv_minrate 20000
sv_maxrate 30000
decalfrequency 10

// Record logs on/off
log on
// Record bans in log
sv_logbans 1
// Display logs in console
sv_logecho 1
// Record server informations in logs
sv_logfile 1
// Record logs in one unique file (0/1)
sv_log_onefile 0
// Directory where logs are saved
sv_logsdir “logs”

// Show the region of the server (0/1=USA/2=South america
// 3=Europe/4=Asia/5=Australia/6=Orient/7=Africa)
sv_region 3
// Administrator email
sv_contact contact@mail.com
// Disallow/Allow pausable server (0/1)
sv_pausable 0

// Define security server level (0=all possible / 1=Allowed files defined in whitelist.txt
// 2=no third-party file)
sv_pure 1
// Kick clients when content isn’t the same
sv_pure_kick_clients 1

// Read banned users and IP
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

//Specific Left4Dad Cvar
//Allow connexion to server via the servers browser (openserverbrowser in console)
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

//Set server difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible)
z_difficulty impossible

//Associate a Steam Community to a server
//The xxx ID is displayed on the admin page of your Steam Community
sv_steamgroup “xxx”
//Book the server starts to a community member (once the game is lauched, everyone can join the party)
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1

//Some others Cvars//

//Set the server’s mode, where X is one of these mode : coop/versus/survival
mp_gamemode X

//Enable/Disable the Message Of  The Day (MOTD)
motd_enabled 1

//Set path to your MOTD
motdfile “MOTD_path”

//Enable/Disable infected BOSS
director_no_bosses 1

//Enable/Disable survivor’s bots
director_no_survivor_bots 1

//Enable/Disable infinite ammo (needs “sv_cheat 1”)
sv_Infinite_ammo 1

//Enable/Disable alltalk (both Infected/Survivors can ear each other team)
sv_alltalk 1

As I already said, you can put these commands in your server.cfg config file ( L4D_Installation_Folder/l4d/cfg) or type them in console when you’re in game !

And, an extra bonus, here is the complete list of commands explained for Left4Dead ( 21 pages / 1688 commands / PDF File, you can need Adobe Reader ) : Get the PDF ( Mirror 1 || Mirror 2 )


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