Survival, Coop, Versus … and Gamemode command !

10 May 2009


For all the people who have created a Left4Dead dedicated server, you must know that even if you try the l4d_sv_lighthouse, the survival mode doesn’t work. Why ? That’s what I asked myself too, and I found over the net on command, to put in your dedicated server console, and it’s this one :   mp_gamemode survival  ( or coop // versus ) !

And you asked me why is it another command, is it not like the ” Versus and Coop. How to choose ? “. Simply no, there’s one map named sv ( survival ) but if the gamemode isn’t set to survival, the map will run as Coop party … and you will be blocked in front of the roasting, and you can’t play !

That’s all, do these steps :

First run your server *¹ ( I suggest via SRCDS )
Open the console tab and type : mp_gamemode survival // coop // versus
Press enter
Still in console, choose one map : the best is to take the sv or vs maps, in the most of the case, the survival mode just DON’T WORK with the l4d_normal_maps, so take the l4d_vs_* or l4d_sv_* for the survival.
Press enter and it’s done !

Don’t forget to restart a map after changing the gamemode.

*¹ : If you’re running a server in-game, you don’t need to make this change in console, just select the survival mode before creating the lobby !



  1. Hi,

    Sorry for the time I was in holidays 🙂

    You must set this command in the console :

    sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

    Then change the gamemode, restart the map and it’s done.

  2. Hello, I’ve tried to start a versus server, but in the console it says due to lobby settings it cant change gamemode. How do I config it?


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