How to create a L4D Dedi-Serv ? SRCDS Method

11 April 2009

This is the better way to create your own dedicated server for Left4Dead. It’s by this way that I create all my dedicated servers !

First of all you need to download the Half-Life Downloads Update Tool. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, extract the content in a folder of your choice, for this tutorial i’ll extract the files in C:\L4DServ.

Now, you’ve got to download the files for the Left4Dead dedicated server, follow these steps :

Go to Start => Run => cmd and press Enter

A new window will appear, with your path ” C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME”, this is the command to put in :

cd C:\
cd L4DServ

Go back to explorer, in the drive of your choice make a folder named L4D_Serv, for e.g. I’ll stay on the C:\ . Go back to the cmd console and type this :

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game l4d_full -dir C:\L4D_Serv

This command will download all the files for your dedicated server, including all the maps and engine game library, it could take a long time ( About 4,5 Gb once downloaded ).

Now you’re (finally) done with this ******* download ! You need to crack your own server, or the players can’t connect to your server with a cracked/downloaded Left4Dead.

Go to C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin folder
Rename “steamclient.dll” to “steamclient.dll.old
Rename “Steam.dll” to “Steam.dll.old
Download Revolution Emulator : Rev-Emu 9.7.7a ( Older: Rev-Emu 9.6.3 )
Extract the content of Rev-Emu to C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\
Move “steamclient.dll” to the bin directory C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin
Open “rev.ini” ( L4D_Serv\l4d ) and edit these lines :
#SteamDll=C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin\Steam.dll to #SteamDll=C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin
 #ClientDLL=steamclient.dll to #ClientDLL=steamclient.dll.old
Set “CacheEnable” to False and “SteamClient” to True
Edit SteamUser and PlayerName, save and exit.

The hardest part is now done, i’ll now explain how to run your server using the executable file and via the console, the first way is easier and is fully functional.

Before lauching your dedicated server, you need to set up your server config file server.cfg. He’s located in your L4D_Serv\left4dead\cfg directory. If you don’t find it, download it here and paste it in L4D_Serv\left4dead\cfg. You must change all the CHANGEME lines with your own informations. To the bottom of your files you’ll see some //LAG fix, take a look at this ticket to set up the good rates.

/!\ The L4D_Serv files must be up to date ! Take a look here and take all the mini-updates /!\

=> Starting the server via srcds.exe !

Go to C:\L4D_Server\l4d and create a shortcut of srcds.exe to your desktop. Run srcds.exe and follow these instructions from step 5 ! Your server is created !

=> Starting the server using the console !

You must create another shortcut of srcds.exe on your desktop, right clic on the shortcut, go to Properties and add this line to the end of the target :

-console -game left4dead +ip “your ip address” +hostport 27015 +map l4d_hospital01_apartment.bsp -nosteam -secure

e.g.  “C:\L4D_Server\l4d\srcds.exe” -console -game left4dead +ip “your ip address” +hostport 27015 +map l4d_hospital01_apartment.bsp -nosteam -secure

See this ticket to get more informations about the maps and Versus//Coop mode : Versus and Coop, How to choose ?

/!\ Update, you can need to follow these instructions with the last Left4Dead update to host a Survival server : Survival, Coop, Versus … and Gamemode Command /!\

Double click on your shortcut, a windows will appear and the server will be running ! This method doesn’t work as well as I wanted to, that’s why I advises about the first way.



  1. Yep, I’ve posted a ticket about this, take a look here mates 🙂


  2. how do you change to survival? please reply hussain!

  3. Found it sry !

  4. Hey
    maybe a stupid question cause i m newbie 😀
    but how to choose between Survival and the other one ?!

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