String label different, getting kicked in game ? Steam Cloud issue

9 April 2009

If you’ve got a lot of different string table, or if you’re randomly kicked in game, take on look at the Steam Cloud. What is this Steam Cloud ?

Steam Cloud, Dedicated as his name shows it to the Steam platform download will allow you to stock and get your config options, some saved game and maybe some videos from any computer over the world thanks to the Steam client. These user’s data will be transmit from the Valve Servers.

But, in some case in Left4Dead, you can be unable to play because of this option, what do you need to do then ?

First, try to install the Standalone patch ( can be found here : Keeps telling me to connect to Steam ? )

Next, you’ll need to disable Steam Cloud ! How to do ? Just follow these steps :

Go to Start => Run => Type regedit and run it
Go to this path : HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Valve -> Steam -> Apps -> 1
There’s an entry called Clouds, right click on it and go to Modify.
Enter a value of 0 (zero) and press enter.
Close regedit and run the game !

You’re done, if you game if fully updated, with the Standalone patch + MaterialSystem.dll + Steam Cloud disabled, you can play everywhere, one thing : the server you’ll try to connect to must be on the same version as you !

Asked by nic’as on MSN.


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