Versus and Coop. How to choose ?

31 March 2009

Hey ! Someone asked me how to choose between Versus and Coop when setting up the server ! It’s pretty simple too, the name of the map will determine the game-type.

In console : For a Versus game type, you must choose a map named l4d_vs_* ( where * is the name of the level you’ll choose ! )
For a Co-op game type, chose any other map who don’t start with l4d_vs_*.

For e.g this map is in Co-op mode l4d_hospital01_apartment, and this map will be in Versus mode : l4d_vs_hospital01_aprtment.

Via Lobby : You’ve got to choose between Versus or Coop before setting up your game ! Really simple 🙂

For clients : How to know the nature of the game ?

If you get any IP from Garena or whatever, you need to ask the server’s creator what kind of gameplay is set on his server. If you’re looking at the servers via the Lobby, all informations about the game are displayed on the right pannel when on simple click on one server’s name !


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