How to customize my server ?

31 March 2009

I just found out some useful cvars that can be used to customize and administrate your server, get a better ping and set difficulty :

Allow cheats in game : sv_cheats 0/1
Disable autokick : mp_disable_autokick 1 ( 0=enable )
Internet or LAN hosting : sv_lan 0 or 1
Maximum rate control : sv_maxcmdrate value (40 – Default.)
Minimum rate control : sv_mincmdrate value  ( 0 = unlimited )
Message of the day Disable/Enable : motd_enabled 0/1
Rename my server : hostname ServerName
Protect server using password : sv_password YourPassword
Rate control of the server : cl_cmdrate value (min:11, max:101)
Set the difficulty : z_difficulty Easy//Normal//Hard//Impossible

I hope it will help you ! I’ll add a follow at this ticket, to customize your Message of the day, for example 🙂



  1. So, I guess it’s the best Website / Blog, I ever Seen.

    I think you should put this Website Everywhere, Make a vid maybe? I don’t know, Just SHOW them your Blog.

  2. You’re welcome Matt, thanks to you for coming !

  3. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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