How to create a L4D server in-game ? Lobby and Console Method

31 March 2009


Today we’ll see how to create a server when you are in game ! It’s pretty simple, we’ll first see how to create a server using the Lobby :

So, start the game, in the menu, click on Play Campaign and Play with friends, a windows will appear and some server will be displayed, click on Create lobby, and choose between Co-op mode or Versus mode. On the next tab, you’ll get the Game Settings, you must set Permissions to Friends-Only game, and the Server type to Local Server. Set the Difficulty and the Campaign as you want, then click on Create lobby. Now you’re done, in Co-op mode you’re not obliged to wait for players to start. In Versus mode you must wait for at least one player to start !

It’s done for the Lobby start server method, let’s see how to start a server via console :

So, start your Left4Dead, and display the console if it’s not done ( see How to the get console in game ? ). In console, type map map_name, when you’ll have write map and the space, the list of the map will appear below the type line, choose the one you want ! Note : the name of the map will etablish the game mode, if you choose a l4d_hospital01_apartment then your game will be in Co-op mode, if you want to make a Versus mode, then choose a map named l4d_vs_ . Let’s resume those first steps :

Start Left4Dead
Display the console
Type map l4d_* for Coop
Type map l4d_vs_* for Versus. (* = name of the map )
Press enter and wait for the game to load.

/! After entering the map informations, the game will start, you’ll have to stay in game, go back to the console to enter the following instructions, do not close or leave your game after the loading time /!

Now that the map is set, you must set the game’s difficulty, type z_difficulty space ( where space is the key, not the word), and choose the difficulty you that you want/need to play with : easy, normal, hard and impossible. You’ll get something like this before pressing Enter : z_difficulty hard.

The map is set, the difficulty’s set too, now you must put this : sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 , this line will set your game accessible for all, and this second line : sv_lan 1 , who’s going to enable your game over the LAN ( for Garena for example ) ! Now type net_status to get your Garena IP. If you get your own home-network IP, then you’ll need to give you real IP adress to the others ! Whatever you do, people will find your server via the lobby 🙂 ! Let’s resume these steps :

Set difficulty : z_difficulty easy//normal//hard//impossible
Set the permissions : sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
Activate LAN : sv_lan 1
Find your IP : net_status

Now your home-server is made ! Have a lot of fun in the Left4Dead world !



  1. when i following the instructions to create a server in game, by the end of it, it says “disconnected – connection with session has been lost”.. anyone know why?

  2. when i create a server and i am pressing create a lobby it says connection to session lost what is that?

  3. Because you have not created any list for the game to follow, so when your game is done, the server shut down automatically.

  4. but why after each vs game i host the server shut down?

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