“Disconnected after 10 retries”. What do I have to do ?

30 March 2009

You’re not responsible, or not completely ! In the most of the case, the server is not set up correctly, the firewall is blocking the game, or the port foward is not set !

But you can be responsible if your own firewall block the game ! Check on it, allow the game to acces Internet, and you’re done. If you’re still getting this error then try another server !

One word about IP and Port, because someone asked me about them :

IP means Internet Protocol, it’s like a building adress, and the Port will be the door you’ll need to enter to find the people that you were looking for ! For example : If I want to go on the Pou007a’s server, I type, and if I want to join a specific game on this server, I must enter the right Port : 27015 for server one, 27016 for server two …

It’s really caricatured, but that’s it !



  1. Maybe that you haven’t the last version of the game, and I didn’t look at this for a looooong time ! So check out on the Garena Forum if you’ve got the last update, and do it if not. It the problem is still unsolved, then try another server.

  2. how do know if the server is set up proper or if the port forward is set.checked my firewall is not blocking it is not.but i still get disconnected ater 10times.

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