How to talk and write in game ?

29 March 2009

Now that you can start the game and play online, you want to talk with the others ! I guess helping issues or some strategy between players, so we’ll see how to talk, and/or type in game if you don’t have any microphone, or if you don’t want to talk !

Before setting up the game, you need to know if your microphone is well plugged on your computer, and if it works ! Go to your Start windows button => Control Pannel => Sounds and Audio Devices => Voice tab. Set up your primary soundcard for the Voice playback and Voice Recording, and click on “Test Hardware“. If the firewall ask you to block or unblock dxdiag or an external DLL, unblock them ! Now you’ll and assistant “Test audio hardware“, just talk in front of your microphone, if the volume bar go up for the record device, you’re done ! Click on Next, Next again, and Finish.

Now we’re gonna set up the game for the voice and the type ! Start Left4Dead, go on Options, Audio, and set up the following options :

Enable voice in this game : Enabled
Voice communication style : Push to Talk ( Better than Open microphone )
Voice transmit volume : Your choice
Voice receive volume : Your choice too !
Boost microphone gain : You’re not obliged, do the “Test microphone” if your don’t ear you as well as you want, enable the Boost.

Click on Done. Now you’ve got to set up the key that you want to use in order to talk in game, go to Options => Keyboard/Mouse => Edit Keys/Buttons. The lines that interested us are the following :

Use voice communication => Set the key you want to use to talk
Chat message : For a general text message in game, to all players, set the key you want.
Team message : For a specific message to your team only, survivors or infected, the other team can NOT read these messages. Set the key you want.

Press Apply, Ok and Done.

You can now talk and write in game with the others ! Have a lot of fun, don’t abuse the microphone, it’s a bit boring if you’re talking all the time in game !

One last thing, if you want to block all the voices communications in game, go to Options => Audio, and set the “Enable voice in this game” option to Disabled.

If you want to type in game, the defaut keys are Y for a general message ( to all players of the server ) and U for team message only ( Survivors or Infected, each team can’t read the ennemy team’s message by this way ). If you want to edit these keys, start your game, go to Options => Keybord/Mouse => Edit keys/buttons and find these lines :

Chat message : y
Team message : u

You must change Y and U by the keys that you want to use in game !


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