How to create a dedicated Left4Dead Server ? Automatic Steam Method

29 March 2009

Another large post to explain how to create an online server ! He’s going to be reachable for client by the console connect method in game.

Let’s start ! We’ll begin with the easiest way to mount up you dedicated Left4Dead Server ! If you already have got Steam + an account, go to step 2

1- First of all, download and install Steam. Start Steam, and create a new account, whatever you what it’s only to download the server tool !

2- Steam is installed and you account is created, open the main Steam page, you’ll see the Steam shop, go to the Tools tab on the right, and double click on ” Left 4 Dead Dedicated Server ” in the list. A tab will appear named ” Install – Left 4 Dead Dedicated Server “, some informations about the disk space required, available and the estimated time to download.

3- Click Next, check or uncheck the box you want/don’t want, click on Next again and Steam will create the local tool cache. Now you can uncheck the box “Open Steam “My Games” list, and click on Finish.

4- On the Tools tab you’ll see that Steam is downloading the Left4Dead Server. This step may take a while, depends on your connection.

5- Your dedicated server tool is download and “100% – Ready” ! Nice !! Now juste double click on it, a Steam windows named “Start Dedicater Server” will appear. There’s what you’ve got to set up on this windows :

Game : Left 4 Dead
Server Name : Whatever you want !
Map : Follow this link
Network : Internet (LAN if you’re playing on your own network)
Max. players :  4 => Co-op Mode || 8 => Versus Mode
UDP Port : Leave this option as he’s displayed unless you’ve got two dedicated on the same computer : one server = one unique UDP Port.
RCON Password : As you want.

Check or uncheck the “Secure (Valve Anti-Cheat)” if you want to secure your server against cheats or not.

6- Click on “Start Server”, wait a moment while he’s loading the files. When you see a windows with your server name in the top, the tabs ” Main”, “Configure” etc… then your server is launched and running !

You must open the port in your firewall and allow the  srcds.exe file to get on the internet, donc block it ! If you’re behind a router, you may have to open the port on it ! Check how to do this step on Google, every router is different I can’t help on this !

You can now tell your friends your IP ( LAN or Internet ) and the port to join your game !

Enjoy 🙂 Pou.



  1. Thanks to you Matt ! 🙂

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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