How to join a game ? Garena Method

28 March 2009

There’s gonna be a large post again ! Take the time to read it completely, and it will work for you !

First of all, download and install the Garena software : http://www.garena.com/

During the download/install process, you must made an account on Garena : http://www.garena.com/user/register.php . You’ll need it to log-in and play.

Once the software is installed, and you account made, run Garena, log in, and click on the Left4Dead icon on the left list, and choose one of the room that you want to join on the right pannel. Actually I’m on the Europe Room from 01 to 03, depends if there’s a free slot for me or not 🙂

Awesome !! You’re on a big chat-room, it’s not done for all that ! In order to play, go to the Settings pannel, below the Support button on the top of the software, or above the Send button, on the bottom of the software ! Now you’re on the Settings pannel, go the to Game Settings tab, choose the Left4Dead game on the left, and click on the Browse button to the right. You’ve got to search the left4dead.exe file, he’s located here on my computer : “C:\Program Files\Left4Dead\left4dead.exe”.  This file is mostly located in the main folder of Left4Dead.

Once you get it, click on it and click on Open, and Ok.  ( Don’t forget to add the Bootstrap -console line ! See How to get the console in game ? )

Now you can launch the game, click on the Start Game button, above the large Send button. Once the game is launched, go to ” Play campaign ” => “Play with friends” . If there’s some servers  running, you’ll see them, then select one of the server ( check that there’s some free slot for you ) and click ” Join Game “.

I’ll post another ticket about the issues you can get when trying to connect to any server.

Leave some comments if you need it 🙂


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