How to get the console in game ?

28 March 2009

There’s an important step in the Left4Dead connect process ! The console is the module that will help you to know your game version, connect to some servers, know the issue of a crash or a failed connection …

So there’s three ways to display the console in game :

First one : You’ve got a shortcut of Left4Dead on your desktop, then right click on this shortcup, select Properties, go to the ” Shortcut ” tab and add-console ” at the end of the target. You’ll have something like this : “C:\Program Files\Left4Dead\left4dead.exe” -console
Now launch the game and the console will be displayed on the main screen of your game.

Second one : You play via the Garena software. You must set up the Game Bootstrap parameters, so in Garena, go to Settings, below Support on the top of the software, or Setting just above the Send button, in the chatroom. Select Game settings tab, LAN Games => Left4Dead. To the right you’ll have the ” Game Bootstrap parameters “, you need to type  -console  in this line, then click Ok, start the game and the console will be displayed on the main screen of the game.

Third one : You must enable the developer console in game. Launch the game, then go to Options =>Keyboard/Mouse and check that the ” Allow developer console ” is set on Enabled. If not, do it and save. Close the game. It’s not done ! Now we’ll take a look into the cfg ( config ) files.
You’ll find them into your Left4Dead folder :  “X:\Program Files\Left4Dead\left4dead\cfg“, you’ve got to open config.cfg and config_default.cfg with your notepad. Now, in each file search for bind “`” “toggleconsole”, now you can replace the “`” or “~” by any key you want to use in order to display your console in game, I choose the F12 key, so it looks like this : bind “F12” “toggleconsole”. You must change this line on the both files. Save them, close them, and launch the game again, then press the key you choosed and the console will appear !

N.b. : The third option don’t work with everyone, I don’t know why, I’ll take a look on it asap 🙂


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