How do I run Left4Dead?

28 March 2009

What a question ! You must run the game via the shortcut on your desktop, or in Garena, just press the Start Game button, you must have set up the Settings before ! Take a look at the following ticket : How to join a game ? Garena Method. Everything is explained to set-up Garena. Or start the game by the left4dead.exe file !



  1. Hi,

    What do you mean by “runs slow” ? If you’re getting slowdows in game, try to close all the useless software on your computer : MSN, skype, eMule and everything who can slowdown your game. Then in game, put the graphics settings lower than they are, and tell me again if you’re getting some troubles when playing 🙂

  2. how to get my left 4 dead running at full speed because i got mine from a torrent skullpultra…. and it runs slow and i wanna run it full speed

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