How can I change my name after update ?

28 March 2009

There’s a few steps to change your name.

If you’ve got a cracked Left4Dead, maybe that you’ll have a file named namechanger.exe into your main Left4Dead folder ! If you’ve got it, you can run it, change you name and press “Save” ! You can download the namechanger here ! When the download is done, just put the files on you main Left4Dead folder, open it and change your name.

If the namechanger doesn’t work, you must change your name yourself, here’s how to do : Open the rev.ini file located in your main Left4Dead folder (on the assuption that you’ve done the updates), and searh the following lines :

# Change SteamUser to the steam username that you wish to use with revEmu
# Defaults to revCrew if not specified
SteamUser = Steamplayer

# Change the setting below to set your PlayerName (used in src2007 engine)
# Default = SteamPlayer
#PlayerName = SteamPlayer

You can also change you name by the console in game, open your game, in console type  setinfo name.

Now you’ve got to replace every SteamPlayer you see, or whatever you found, with your own name ! Save the file, it’s done !


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