Left4Dead Help – Welcome !

28 March 2009

Hello and welcome on the Pou007a’s Left4Dead help blog ! I decided to create this blog in order to help everyone who need help with the Left4Dead game, especially with the cracked version on the game ! Let’s start with all the question you asked me on Garena !

Have a good time here, if one tip don’t help you, leave a comment or come on msn,we’ll try to solve your problem, and post it over the blog to help the others !

There’s all the questions treated for now :

h2What’s going on ?

The next tickets will be about these things that you asked me :

How to create a L4D L./D.S. ? Hamachi Method
How to join a game using Hamachi ?
How to customize the Message Of The Day (MOTD) and the banner ?

I’ll answer you tomorrow ! Be patient ūüôā



Understand and improve server.cfg

10 May 2009

Hi !

Now that your server is running well, maybe that you want to add some fun or customize some parameters to make the game a bit harder ! We’ll see together some explained command to add to you server.cfg config file, or put¬†in console in game during a party¬†:

Note that 0 = disable and 1 = enable

// Define hostname
hostname “Pou007a Dedicated Server”
// Define password to acces to the server ( leave “\” to disable the password)
sv_password “\”
//Define if the server is local (1) or online (0)
sv_lan 0

// Rcon settings
//Define admin password for remote control and rcon
rcon_password “YOUR_PASSWORD”
// Number of tries before ban ( where X = number )
sv_rcon_maxfailures X
// Ban duration in minute ( X = number )
sv_rcon_banpenalty X

// Disable/Enable friendly fire (0/1)
mp_friendlyfire 1
// Disable/Enable cheats (0/1)
sv_cheats 0
// Force game to check if both of the main files (client & server) are the same
sv_consistency 1
// Time between each decal ( in seconds )
decalfrequency 10

// Allow file upload from server to clients (Useful for custom maps, sounds … )
sv_allowupload 1
// Allow download to servers (for decals)
sv_allowdownload 1
// Max file size to download (in MB)
net_maxfilesize 60
// Mirror download URL
sv_downloadurl “http://www.YOUR_MIRROR.com/l4d/\”

// Bandwitch limits
sv_minrate 20000
sv_maxrate 30000
decalfrequency 10

// Record logs on/off
log on
// Record bans in log
sv_logbans 1
// Display logs in console
sv_logecho 1
// Record server informations in logs
sv_logfile 1
// Record logs in one unique file (0/1)
sv_log_onefile 0
// Directory where logs are saved
sv_logsdir “logs”

// Show the region of the server (0/1=USA/2=South america
// 3=Europe/4=Asia/5=Australia/6=Orient/7=Africa)
sv_region 3
// Administrator email
sv_contact contact@mail.com
// Disallow/Allow pausable server (0/1)
sv_pausable 0

// Define security server level (0=all possible / 1=Allowed files defined in whitelist.txt
// 2=no third-party file)
sv_pure 1
// Kick clients when content isn’t the same
sv_pure_kick_clients 1

// Read banned users and IP
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

//Specific Left4Dad Cvar
//Allow connexion to server via the servers browser (openserverbrowser in console)
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

//Set server difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible)
z_difficulty impossible

//Associate a Steam Community to a server
//The xxx ID is displayed on the admin page of your Steam Community
sv_steamgroup “xxx”
//Book the server starts to a community member (once the game is lauched, everyone can join the party)
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1

//Some others Cvars//

//Set the server’s mode, where X is one of these mode :¬†coop/versus/survival
mp_gamemode X

//Enable/Disable the Message Of  The Day (MOTD)
motd_enabled 1

//Set path to your MOTD
motdfile “MOTD_path”

//Enable/Disable infected BOSS
director_no_bosses 1

//Enable/Disable survivor’s bots
director_no_survivor_bots 1

//Enable/Disable infinite ammo (needs “sv_cheat 1”)
sv_Infinite_ammo 1

//Enable/Disable alltalk (both Infected/Survivors can ear each other team)
sv_alltalk 1

As I already said, you can put these commands in your server.cfg config file ( L4D_Installation_Folder/l4d/cfg) or type them in console when you’re in game !

And, an extra bonus, here is the complete list of commands explained for Left4Dead ( 21 pages / 1688 commands / PDF File, you can need Adobe Reader ) : Get the PDF ( Mirror 1 || Mirror 2 )


Issues with new patchs, survival mode and lobby

10 May 2009


I noticed that a lot of people are getting these errors, for clients :

Connecting to public(x.x.x.x:27015)
Sending UDP connect to public IP x.x.x.x:27015
Server using lobbies #0, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffffffffffff
RememberIPAddressForLobby: lobby ffffffffffffffff from address x.x.x.x:27015

For dedicated server owner, when trying to change the gamemode :

‚ÄúUnable to change gamemode to ‚Äôsurvival‚Äô, it is locked due to lobby reservation‚ÄĚ

These errors are displayed because the lobby connect command is set to 1 ( one ), you must set this command to 0 ( zero ), open your console and type :

sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
Press enter

Now your friends can join your game, and you can change the gamemode ! One post about the Survival, Coop, Versus … and Gamemode command !


Survival, Coop, Versus … and Gamemode command !

10 May 2009


For all the people who have created a Left4Dead dedicated server, you must know that even if you try the l4d_sv_lighthouse, the survival mode doesn’t work. Why ? That’s what I asked myself too, and I found over the net on command, to put in your dedicated server console, and it’s this one :¬†¬† mp_gamemode survival¬†¬†( or coop // versus )¬†!

And you asked me why is¬†it another command, is¬†it not like the ” Versus and Coop. How to choose ?¬†“. Simply no, there’s one map named sv ( survival ) but if the gamemode isn’t set to survival, the map will run as Coop party … and you will be blocked in front of the roasting, and you can’t play !

That’s all, do these steps :

First run your server *¬Ļ ( I suggest via SRCDS )
Open the console tab and type : mp_gamemode survival // coop // versus
Press enter
Still in console, choose one map : the best is to take the sv or vs maps, in the most of the case, the survival mode just DON’T WORK with the l4d_normal_maps, so take the l4d_vs_* or l4d_sv_* for the survival.
Press enter and it’s done !

Don’t forget to restart a map after changing the gamemode.

*¬Ļ : If you’re running a server in-game, you don’t need to make this change in console, just select the survival mode before creating the lobby !


Left4Dead Update +

7 May 2009

Hi guys !

It’s been a long time since I didn’t post anything on my blog, but there’s my come back with a (really) good news !

The boths new update of Left4Dead ! There’s the changelog for the :

Survival Mode

– New gameplay Mode
– 16 maps including Last Stand
– Leaderboards
– 7 new achievements

Versus Changes

– 2 new versus campaigns
– Fixed a case where versus team score would continue to be recalculated after the score panel was displayed
– Fixed an issue with recalculating the versus score health bonus for a player when they are rescued from being incapacitated
– Fixed being able to start a swing as an infected, then teleport to the survivors and have the claw swing hit a survivor
– Fixed a case where teleporting to the survivors would not reset the ability timer
– Fixed an exploit where you could load the chamber of a weapon with bullets by holding down the melee key
– Fixed a case where it was not possible to join a game while it was in a finale
– Fixed a rare case where listen servers would speed up the game over time
– Removed convars related to melee fatigue
– Fixed a case where infected players would get a respawn time on their initial spawn into a map

Server Changes

– Made ms_force_dedicated_server not require cheats
– Add a message when queuing a heartbeat
– Simplified setting of game mode
– Removed convars director_no_human_zombies and director_holdout_mode
– Added mp_gamemode [coop,versus,survival]


– Added lobby join and leave messages

And now, the changelog for the :

Survival Mode Changes

– Darkened the Lighthouse background movie and increased the contrast with the user interface elements
– Chapter selection is now available when creating a Survival lobby
– Single player coop now works correctly after playing Survival online
– The correct game mode will be set when playing back a demo
– Changed holdout server spew to be development only
– Stats are no longer updated while viewing a demo
– Correctly update the leaderboard based on the player’s personal time, not the team best time
– Show the player’s best time in the scoreboard
– Removed Survival exploits from The Terminal, Last Stand, The Crane, The Boathouse and The Warehouse
– Fixed tanks sometimes not spawning after 15-20 minutes

You can find these updates here : How to update Left4Dead ?

Have a nice day ! =)


How to create a L4D Dedi-Serv ? SRCDS Method

11 April 2009

This is the better way to create your own dedicated server for Left4Dead. It’s by this way that I create all my dedicated servers !

First of all you need to download the Half-Life Downloads Update Tool. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, extract¬†the content in a folder of your choice, for this tutorial i’ll extract the files¬†in C:\L4DServ.

Now, you’ve got to download the files for the Left4Dead dedicated server, follow these steps :

Go to Start => Run => cmd and press Enter

A new window will appear, with your path ” C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME”, this is the command to put in :

cd C:\
cd L4DServ

Go back to explorer, in the drive of your choice make a folder named L4D_Serv, for e.g. I’ll stay on the C:\ . Go back to the cmd console and type this :

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game l4d_full -dir C:\L4D_Serv

This command will download all the files for your dedicated server, including all the maps and engine game library, it could take a long time ( About 4,5 Gb once downloaded ).

Now you’re (finally) done with this ******* download ! You need to crack your own server, or the players can’t connect to your server with a cracked/downloaded Left4Dead.

Go to C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin folder
Rename “steamclient.dll” to “steamclient.dll.old
Rename “Steam.dll” to “Steam.dll.old
Download Revolution Emulator : Rev-Emu 9.7.7a ( Older: Rev-Emu 9.6.3 )
Extract the content of Rev-Emu to C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\
Move “steamclient.dll” to the bin directory¬†C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin
Open “rev.ini” ( L4D_Serv\l4d ) and edit these lines :
#SteamDll=C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin\Steam.dll to #SteamDll=C:\L4D_Serv\l4d\bin
 #ClientDLL=steamclient.dll to #ClientDLL=steamclient.dll.old
Set “CacheEnable” to False and “SteamClient” to True
Edit SteamUser and PlayerName, save and exit.

The hardest part is now done, i’ll now explain how to run your server using the executable file and via the console, the first way is easier and is fully functional.

Before lauching your dedicated server, you need to set up your server config file server.cfg. He’s located in your L4D_Serv\left4dead\cfg directory. If you don’t find it, download it here¬†and paste it in L4D_Serv\left4dead\cfg. You must change all the CHANGEME lines with your own informations. To the bottom of your files you’ll see some //LAG fix, take a look at this ticket to set up the good rates.

/!\ The L4D_Serv files must be up to date ! Take a look here and take all the mini-updates /!\

=> Starting the server via srcds.exe !

Go to C:\L4D_Server\l4d and create a shortcut of srcds.exe to your desktop. Run srcds.exe and follow these instructions from step 5 ! Your server is created !

=> Starting the server using the console !

You must create another shortcut of srcds.exe on your desktop, right clic on the shortcut, go to Properties and add this line to the end of the target :

-console -game left4dead +ip ‚Äúyour ip address‚ÄĚ +hostport 27015 +map l4d_hospital01_apartment.bsp -nosteam -secure

e.g.¬† “C:\L4D_Server\l4d\srcds.exe” -console -game left4dead +ip ‚Äúyour ip address‚ÄĚ +hostport 27015 +map l4d_hospital01_apartment.bsp -nosteam -secure

See this ticket to get more informations about the maps and Versus//Coop mode : Versus and Coop, How to choose ?

/!\ Update, you can need¬†to follow these instructions with the last Left4Dead¬†update to host a¬†Survival server¬†: Survival, Coop, Versus … and Gamemode Command¬†/!\

Double click on your shortcut, a windows will appear and the server will be running ! This method doesn’t work as well as I wanted to, that’s why I advises about the first way.


String label different, getting kicked in game ? Steam Cloud issue

9 April 2009

If you’ve got a lot of different string table, or if you’re randomly kicked in game, take on look at the Steam Cloud. What is this Steam Cloud ?

Steam Cloud,¬†Dedicated as his name shows it to the Steam platform download will allow you to stock and get your config options, some saved game¬†and maybe some videos from any computer over the world thanks to¬†the Steam¬†client. These user’s data will be transmit from the Valve Servers.

But, in some case in Left4Dead, you can be unable to play because of this option, what do you need to do then ?

First, try to install the Standalone patch ( can be found here : Keeps telling me to connect to Steam ? )

Next, you’ll need to disable Steam Cloud ! How to do ? Just follow these steps :

Go to Start => Run => Type regedit and run it
Go to this path : HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Valve -> Steam -> Apps -> 1
There’s an entry called Clouds, right click on it and go to Modify.
Enter a value of 0 (zero) and press enter.
Close regedit and run the game !

You’re done, if you game if fully updated, with the Standalone patch + MaterialSystem.dll + Steam Cloud disabled, you can play everywhere, one thing : the server you’ll try to connect to must be on the same version as you !

Asked by nic’as on MSN.


CMatchmaking::GetPlayerProfileXUID for ctrlr0 fail

9 April 2009

If you’re getting this issue :

CMatchmaking::GetPlayerProfileXUID for ctrlr0 fail!
Cannot send to client info with NULL XUID!

In the most of the case it’s because your game is not up to date, you must update your game, it must solve your problem. Chek this out : How to update Left4Dead ?